Reinventing the Wheel

art traffic mobility


Presentation 19.12.2007
19.00 at *.artlabs // CT3
3 Alea Genistilor, from strada Rahovei (map is here)

Curator: Bianca Herlo
Co-Curator: Madeleine Helmer
Project Manager: Andreea Ciortea


Visit the artists at *.artlabs as they work on their projects.

Niklas Roy ladder

Timm-Oliver Wilks bicycle


PublicSound Project: Bike Hack + Soundride

15.12.2007 Saturday: 14.00-16.00
Workshop and Performance

The Public Sound Project is a series of performance-based workshops that combine simple sonic experiments and old–school, analogue interventions within public space. The projects resulting from the workshops are intended to enable participants to contribute to the acoustic ecology of the city through technological intervention.

Bike Hack Workshop + Soundride is a collaborative workshop and mobile sound performance. During each workshop, participants are invited to construct bicycle-mounted noisemakers made of contact microphones, playing cards, and mini amplifiers and to take part in a large scale soundride through the city.

Jessica Thompson (B. 1975, Toronto, Canada) is a new media artist whose practice encompasses sound, performance and mobile technologies. Her projects enable audience members to create user-defined spaces and situations within urban environments.

If you have a bike, bring it with you to the workshop.

Photo: Bike Hack + Soundride, Boston (2005), Copenhagen (2007)
Photos: Tina Louise Hundrup, Thinking Metropolis, Andy Cavatora, Art Interactive



Sibiu Transport Plan

click to download working Master Transport Plan for Sibiu! Keep in mind it is not finalized, and provided for inspiration, thanks to WSP Development Romania. The final will be presented December 12 in Sibiu.


program: 6 - 19 December
presentation, talks: 19 December

artists: send us a few photos of previous projects, as well as a concise description of the work you have been doing.