Reinventing the Wheel

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In Germany, as in no other European country, traffic and culture meet in a fruitful symbiosis. From the traditional automotive engineering to the innovations in the traffic system - the valuable collective experience regarding the phenomenon of traffic reflects itself in the creative artistic debate dealing with mobility concepts. The relation between artistic approaches, design, and the production of mobility reveals a German contemporary view of the urban structure and the way the traffic system is organized, strongly influenced by terms such as sustainability and coexistence, which seek to constantly improve the quality of life in one of the most populated European areas.

At the same time the city of Sibiu, as integral part of the European urban landscape, reveals a modern vision with regard to improving the life quality of its inhabitans by reducing the road traffic within the historic centre of the city. It is not only the necessity, but also the pleasure to develop and implement such alternative ideas as urban mobility that bring together urban planners, artists, and designers in a common artistic debate.

In this context, art takes the role of the mediator. Art is the link that brings together life-style and mobility culture. Art illustrates, modelates, and reveals experiences, feelings, and various forms of knowledge that would otherwise find no place of their own.

What are the artistic viewpoints, the creative strategies and the concepts necessary to sensitize for the topic, which design innovations offer solutions concerning the various issues related to this topic?

The exhibition and workshop brings media artists, designers, film producers and urban planners together, in order to develop utopias, tendencies and prespectives and subsequently present their outcomes to an international, but in the first place to the Romanian public.